Whats easier on the knees, Skiing or Snowboarding?

Last year I went skiing for 4 days, afterwards my knees where truely goosed. I'm afraid to do it again this year, I'm thinking of trying snowboarding instead, would this be easier on my knees?


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I have skied all my life (30+ years), and have also learned how to snowboard.

Skiing is hard on the leg muscles, and I'm guessing it's not really your knees that are goosed, but the muscles surrounding them. It happens. If you enjoy skiing, as many people do, it pays to do ski specific exercises in the off season. Bike riding is especially helpful.

Snowboarding may be easier on the knee, there is less torsional pressure, but it has it's own problems -- such as if you eat it bad there is no releasing from your equipment...you turn into a big eggbeater, and everything is attached!

I would just say try them both...and go with the one that is more fun for you.

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skiing is easier if your about to learn one or the other because u fall more at first snowboarding

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I would think waterskiing.
the two you've chosen are taxing on the joints.

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definitely snowboarding. skiing does tend to hurt your knees a lot more than if u were to go snowboarding. snowboarding you would feel more comfortable, as long as you have someone there to show you how to do it properly.

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snowboarding is easier once you start to get the hang of it, Its definately less tiring if you are not good at either, so it might cause less stress to your knees.

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I used to do both, i think skiing was worse, then of course i wasnt very strong in the legs. Now i am strong legged and i have been boarding for a while. Plus i play offensive line in football so i am used to being squatting down.

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its about the same. if you are going on one of the harder courses there are a lot of bumps that you have to take in the knees. try snowboarding this time if you already skied and see which is easier for you good luck.

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snowboarding is slightly easier on the kneejoints but only because there is less torsion on the joints as the feet are held a steady distance apart where as in skiingyour feet are free to move independantly. Try to do some warm-up and stretching before you go and that should reduce the chance of injury.

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While similar in many ways, skiing and snowboarding do have their differences. These sports variety greatly when it comes to the type of injury typically sustained by participants. Conditioning for Skiing requires speed, strength, balance and flexibility. Snowboarding requires similar conditioning however, the way the body moves in both sports is fundamentally different. This difference tends to result in very different injuries in each sport.

Skiing tend to result in more knee injuries. The typical skiing injury involves torque-type injuries to the knees and lower extremities. This twisting of the upper leg one way, while the lower leg rotates the opposite way, often results in tears to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

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It really depends on what type of Skiing you're talking about? Just like the 2nd answer says, Water-Skiing is surely much easier on the knees.

However, since you mention 'Snowboarding' it's clear your really talking about Snow-Skiing.

Skiing is better, although actually they're probably only just slightly different in terms of how bad they are on your knees.

Some might even say that it totally depends on the slope you're on because if it's smoother you're obviously prone to less 'jumps' and 'bumps', therefore less movement on the knee.

Also depends on how much Skiing you do.

Personally, last time I went 'on the slopes' was at Courchevel (South-East corner of France, near the Alpes and a place called 'Moutiers'. You can actually get to Moutiers via Eurostar!) and instead of being boring, I hired one of those cheapish plastic sledges with the brake handles at the back and a small cheapo seat on it. Courchevel has a 'dedicated' luge run for sledging which is absolutely great fun to go down, especially the f***ing amazingly big drop at the bottom/end.

Also, every different run down is normally different anyway for each person.

Still, you're choice if you go again but I don't think Skiing is something to miss out on.

Good luck deciding and you really should go to Courchevel. Whatever you decide, enjoy yourself.


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Snowing and skiboarding are alot easier

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I have been snowboarding for 6 years, and would recommend it. When you stop falling over, you don't ache at all. Although I have had no lessons at all, so the first time i tried it i couldn't wipe my * for the rest of the week because i ached so much.

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