My parents said all Black people dislike the cold weather and don't ski, skate or snowboard. Is that true?


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saying all black people dont like cold weather and dont ski skate or snowboard is amazingly racist and sterotypical. Of course that statement is very inaccurate. I know many blacks like enjoy cold weather. Where did your parents get this idea? True some people may not like to ski and skate and snowboard but i know for a fact that not all black people dislike the cold weather.

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nope not all black people - thats abit racist and stereotyping. they may be some black people who dont like the cold as much as there are white people who dont like the cold. sorry but ur parents are spouting rubbish!

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no its not true! are they different from us?

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your father is racist. black people have feeling to you know, they have indivual like and dislikes, ur farther needs to live in today not the past

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Of course that isn't true. Most of the time when someone says an all encompassing generality it is probably not true. There are many people of many races who dislike cold weather and don't ski, skate, or snowboard. However, I live in MN and there are many people of all different races who do like cold weather and do ski, skate, snowboard, have snowball fights, make snowforts and generally enjoy the winter.

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What enlightened and broad minded parents you don't have.

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they are wrong.

lumping an entire race like that is stupid. It's like saying all white people like snowboarding or skiing. I'm white and I hate the snow and ice and all that crap.

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Generally anytime anyone makes a blanket comment about any race, crede, or religion it is almost always incorrect and and is always morally wrong. While it is true that africa-americans are a minority on the slopes not all dislike skiing or winter activies. There are several clubs throughout the nation that cater to african-american's winter sports. For example,

Also check out

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...Yep...OK, that's not wholly true. Most blacks would prefer not to ski but some do enjoy the cold weather. To say that ALL blacks feel that way is inaccurate.

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no there are black skiers skaters and snowboarders, i skate with 2 black people and i know 2 black people who snowboard and 3 who ski, i just live in upstate ny so there isnt many black people.

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NO it is NOT true. That is very racist. Every individual person likes something more or less than the next guy.

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OMG! NO! WHAT KIND OF RACIST... i mean, no, plenty o' black ppl like cold weather and just cuz they're not originated there, doesnt mean they dont like it!!

your parents lie!! srry 2 say so, but itys true.

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Kay, there's this kid I race with, he and his dad are both black. They are both fantastic skiers and his dad looks like Al Roker. Totally not true, although the majority of the skiers/boarders are Caucasian. It depends but it is generally inaccurate to say that.

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I beg to differ with the other answers.

In nearly 45 years of skiing, I can count on ONE HAND the number of black people I have seen skiing. I have seen only slightly more snowboarders and no skaters at all (but then I don't skate - so I'd be in the wrong place to comment on that.)

There is NOTHING racist about saying 'Black people do not like sking', because quite frankly, they really ARE in the tiny minority of skiers. Fact.

Whether or not they like/dislike cold weather is another matter.

However, once again, in the Alps - you just do not see many black people in the ski resorts.

If statistics prove a point - how can that be racist?

It's a bit like saying it's racist to say that most black people don't have blonde hair.

To prove the point, if a company was set up that aimed to provide winter sports vacations for black people, do you think they would survive? They would go bust in the first season.

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