Do you think Batista's veins are disgusting?

It looks unnatural. Normal veins don't look like that. When they have close ups on tv, his veins snakes and meanders through his arms and chest. Does anyone else find this hideous?


So whats the deal on TNA and NWA split up?

Its not the steroids pumping through his body that caused that. Heck if steroids did that Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner would have those throughout his arms and chest. I'm not saying Batista didn't take steroids, I'm just saying those veins depend on the person. He's probably had so many surgeries on his biceps and triceps that have contributed to that condition. I think Batista is a powerhouse. The only reason why Vince give gives him title shots is because Triple H wants Batista to become a big star. He is Triple H's pet project, like John Cena is Vince's pet project.

Whos is prettier & sexier jus pic one of each?

Thats what you get when you have steroid pumping thorugh your body!

Are kane and the boogeyman going to be a new tag team for smackdown?

He's just an oversized goon. Vince likes freaks and he's just one of them.

Is ther any 1 that can get me ringside tickets 2 the october house shows in london?

it's gross and it looks like that because he does steroids. a lot of wrestlers have nasty veins that stick out and are all weird looking because of steroids. there are very few wrestlers that don't do them. it's obvious which ones do.

How come nobody ever gives a~crap about the wrestler "finlay"?

The are really gross.
Its from all the steroids i believe.

Personally i hate Batista.

In all the promotions Sabu wrestled in did he EVER win their "World Heavyweight Championship"?

I agree. It's just too much. Randy Orton has a good body. Well muscled but not covered in veins.

What 2 wrestlers would make a good stable?

no i find it cool!

My prediction for Judgement Day?

yes, very much so. he probably takes more roids than Barry Bonds does.

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